Ask your Home Inspector?

Here are just a few things to get you started.

1. How old is the roof? How many years do I have left on it?

Your inspector can give you a good estimate of how old your roof is and how many years before it needs to be replaced. There may be some minor things you can do to it the prolong its life.

2. What kind of HVAC system do I have and What is the age of the system?

There are many different heating systems (Gas heat, Heat Pump, and Electric heat are just a few). If the AC system was changed out, did they change both the inside and outside? Many times older HVAC systems have had the outside system replaced, but not the inside coils and this can make the AC less efficient.

3. How old is the water heater?

Many water heaters can last for about 15 years. Don't take a chance and have a leak. Your inspector can tell by the manufacturer's label how old it is.

4. Where is the Main water shut off for the house. Where is the gas shut off (if you have gas)?

This is very important to know, because when there is a leak you need to act fast.

5. Are there any Structural concerns or problems?

Foundation, Supports, beams and so on. If there are any structural problems it could be very expensive. Always ask your inspector if there is an issue how bad is it? Sometimes it is minor and sometimes it can be major, so always ask.

6. Are there hurricane tie downs for the roof and or the walls?

If you have an older home in the south it may not have the proper protection for hurricanes. If you have questions ask aks the inspector.

Most insurance companies in the south will require at least a 4 point inspection to get a policy.

These are just a few of a long list of things you can ask the home inspector. If at all possible, go to your home inspection for at least the last hour to ask these question and any other questions you may have. This is one of the bigger investments you make in your lifetime so you will want to see how it is going and avoid any major expenses once you purchase your new home.